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“The Sacrifice” Comic: Part Two Released!

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September 21st, and here’s the second part of The Sacrifice comic!

“The Sacrifice” Comic: Part Two Released!

Quite bigger than the first, this issue features Zoey’s backstory, and a ton more story!

I loved this one, folks.

Hopefully we get a print version.

Valve also gives us some more info on the formats the comic will be released in:

Thanks to the overwhelming worldwide response to the comic, we are going to make more versions of the comic available on the web. This will include the current version in jpg form, a pdf version , a jpg version with no text and a jpg version with no text, speech bubbles or sound effects. This should help get the comic localized and give people the raw panels to play with and make their own comic. We will make sure to link to the best ones!

We will have more info shortly on when this will happen and any other media the comic will be released on.

You can already download the comic in PDF form.

Here’s the blog post:


  1. I’m really enjoying the comic atm. Bring on part 3!

  2. I can’t wait to see all the fucked up comic entries.

  3. Its 7 pages smaller then the first…

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