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The Evolution of DE_Dust And DE_Dust2 – Brought To You By… Us?

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We recently came into possession of precisely 3 CS:GO beta keys. That’s precisely three musketeers that are currently roaming the servers of Global Offensive, kicking ass, taking names; and vice-versa. Or, if you will, a Holy Trinity of Valve fanboys (or fanmen, if you prefer), wiping out everything they see. Whenever they aren’t being wiped out themselves by the massive number of professional Counter-Strike players who are participating in the GO beta.

But then we realized that the reason why we’re getting our asses kicked so badly is that it’s a restricted beta. In fact, most people have no idea what Global Offensive is like. Some of my friends call it “GLOBAL DRUNK” or “global raping”. So, it’s time to show off what CS:GO is like. And since the beta itself is just a rough stress test, with many features currently in the works, what better way to show it off than a massive comparison?

The Evolution of DE_Dust And DE_Dust2 – Brought To You By… Us?

Created by David, and yours truly, this is what happens when the LambdaGeneration staff has nothing to do during the weekend, apart from playing the CS:GO beta: a 4-minute comparison video that shows off the evolution of Dust and Dust 2 from each significant entry in the Counter-Strike franchise all the way up to CS: Global Offensive. Evidently, DE_Dust_PCG does not appear, because no one cares about DE_Dust_PCG anymore. The video itself is split into two parts: Dust, and Dust2. Each map is split into eight distinct points of view. Each point of view encompasses four comparison shots – one from CS 1.6, one from Condition Zero, one from CS: Source, and one from CS:GO.

This might just be the most in-depth CS comparison around, although we couldn’t show everything – mainly because of three reasons: we didn’t want to make the video TOO long; some areas were simply unimportant and unneeded; and we wanted to leave some stuff for you to discover.

We even decided to throw in some music – so we used three pieces: the classic Deleted Scenes main theme, the Condition Zero main theme, and the introduction soundtrack from “Recoil”, the first mission in Deleted Scenes. All tracks were composed by Zak Belica, who is the only person who should ever compose a Counter-Strike game. Okay, we’ll give Chris Jensen a pass, for his excellent work on the soundtrack from the original Counter-Strike: Source E3 2004 announcement trailer.

So, without further ado, here it is:

Let us know what you think! And, for anyone interested in finding out more about Dust and Dust 2, SiPlus reminded us to check out these excellent Making-Of articles created by David Johnston himself. One article for Dust, and one article for Dust 2 (nothing for Dust PCG, though). We may or may not have covered these in the past, but, either way, he has recently updated them, so do yourself a favor and check these out. I mean, can you believe that Dust would have never been born if not for… Team Fortress 2?


  1. Commenter AvatarAlexander the GreatDecember 5th 2011 at 4:25pm

    Wow, Dust is beautiful in CSGO…well…in an artistic way…

  2. Wait, there are TWO dust maps?


  4. Big fat like on the video!

  5. May be interesting:

  6. Love the intro. It’s amazing how much has improved over the years. Good job on the video guys!

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