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The Cinematic Mod Goes “Non-Public”

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This is pretty silly.

The Cinematic Mod Goes “Non-Public”

The Cinematic Mod. A source of great controversy. Some people say it sucks just because of those models, others love it fanboyishly, and in the middle are the normal folks who just want to play the mod without feeling the childish need to compare it to the masterpiece that is HL2.

Now, everyone (except for the former former) is probably going to suffer.

After in the last year, everyone’s been flaming about how the models are terrible, FakeFactory has decided to basically close down the mod, saying it’s going “non-public”. All ModDB download links have been taken down. If you want the links, hurry up to the official site and download them.

It’s a shame that he’s getting so much bulls**t, but there’s no need to resort to such stuff. He’s got some fans, and there’s no need to punish them.

Let’s hope he comes back to his senses and brings the links back.


  1. He’s going to release on the website only. I, personally, am in the middle. I hate having 1000 people tell me that it sucks, when really it doesn’t.

  2. He’s only out for the attention tbh.

  3. I lol’d.

  4. I’m downloading this as fast as I can!

  5. [λG] Pinky: that cinematic mod guy totally raeg quit
    [λG] Vic: he mad
    [λG] Vic: he so mad
    [λG] Vic: his head is all like
    [λG] Vic: OH I GON EXPLOD

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