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TF2 – More Item Promotions [Updated: Midweek Plants vs Zombies Promotion!]

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And the article is slightly late.

TF2 – More Item Promotions [Updated: Midweek Plants vs Zombies Promotion!]

Update: A Midweek Madness sale is now going on for Plants vs Zombies: Game of the Year Edition!

The price itself is great, and buying will get you two new TF2 hats: the Brain Bucket, and the Dead Cone.

This promotion seems to be going on until May 5th only, so get them quick!]

Valve revealed this previous Thursday that pre-purchasing “Mount & Blade With Fire & Sword” will get you two in-game TF2 hats: the “Hetman’s Headpiece” and the “Janissary Ketche”. These look much fancier than most promo hats. Deadline is May 3rd. Apologies for notifying everyone so late, but I assume US readers might still have a good several hours to buy them, and apparently we have a lot of US readers. Which is great. Go USA! Finally got Osama. Headshot. Should have gotten FPS Doug to narrate the operation.

Okay, that joke may have been a bit tasteless. Maybe a bit too soon as well. But it’s about Osama Bin Laden’s death, so, come on. Worst case scenario is the terrorist guys from Lost blow up my house.

Remember? They were Half-Life fans. Crap. Did anyone even get the joke?

Moving on from weird jokes, a different promotion is going on in SpaceChem:

What else is up? This: SpaceChem, the game Robin Walker dubbed “pretty much the greatest game ever made,” has introduced three new TF2-themed levels. Travel to Australia, solve puzzles and unlock achievements to receive the new craftable element Moustachium in TF2.

Use this new element to craft special SpaceChem-themed items, including a fishcake. That’s right: this marks the start of a trend we’re all for: other developer working their butts off to make a promotion for us. “Put your feet up, Team Fortress Team,” SpaceChem seems to be saying. “You let us handle this one.” Don’t mind if we do, SpaceChem. Don’t mind if we do.

The items you can obtain through SpaceChem are the Fishcake and SpaceChem Pin. For more details on these items, and how to obtain them, head over to the Official TF2 Wiki.

That’s about all here. Big thanks to Chemical Alia for allowing us to use her great artwork as a feature image. Think of it as a sort of bail-out. Now we just need the “lead-in” bail-out. And the Gunman Chronicles 2 bail-out.

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  1. A 3GB update just for promotional items?
    Seriously Valve?

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