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Steamcast to Interview Jonathan Coulton Today

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Remember the Jonathan Coulton interview the folks at Steamcast announced a while back, only to then postpone to a later, unknown date? Well, it’s finally back, and it’s being done today!

Steamcast to Interview Jonathan Coulton Today

In a Community announcement on their official Steam group, Steamcast has announced that the Jonathan Coulton interview is back!

Remember that community interview that we were supposed to have with Jonathan Coulton a few weeks ago? Yeah it is happening now. We are on the BALL!

Date: July 15th 2011
Time: 11 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
Hosted by: Steamcast

Be there… or be fairly square.

Awesome! For more information on how and when to join, check out their Live Recording page. There’s a good 10-12 hours left, so get ready! Keep in mind that if you live in Europe, the time zones might not be on your side. The interview will be posted on the site in MP3 form at a later date, though, so don’t fret. In any case, be sure to tune in when the time comes!

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  1. It was awesome.

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