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Steamcast Podcast Is Coming To An End, Final Episode To Be Recorded Live In 14 Hours [UPDATE]

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Steamcast Podcast Is Coming To An End, Final Episode To Be Recorded Live In 14 Hours [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: The recording is now long over, and Steamcast has come to an end. Final episodes have yet to be released in downloadable MP3 form, so stay tuned!]

After almost 3 years of activity, the Steamcast podcast is closing its doors. Later today, they will be recording their last episode ever – Episode #99. Set to be recorded live in 14 hours (at precisely 12AM, midnight GMT), it will be a 3-hour special during which they’ll be discussing Steamcast itself, telling stories about its creation, its development and its life. They will be inviting listeners to call in live, come onto the show, and talk with the 3 hosts: Sam, Brad and Saurabh.

In addition, they’ll be giving out free games during the live recording, including a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta key. In order to win these, you’ll need to be tuned in to the live stream, as well as be present in the Steamcast Steam Community group’s chatroom while they are recording.

While I won’t be able to make it for the first hour or so, I will almost certainly be present for the rest of the episode, and I might even call in live to chat with the hosts, as well as any other listeners. For more information, check out their announcement.

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  1. This is a terribly sad thing as I’ve always enjoyed their insight into the gaming industry in both hardware, software, and economic aspects. I urge all those that still wish to listen to a Valve and Steam oriented podcast to give Podcast17 a try.

  2. This was honestly one of those few things that physically hurt to see end.

  3. This is pretty sudden… I’ll be sad to see it go. It really kept the community together. I salute all of you, Brad, Sam, and Saurabh.

    What will happen to the forums?

  4. Actually, Vic, it’s three years.

    • Crap – sorry, don’t know how I got it wrong. I definitely had post-E3 ’09, and Sam’s original “Podcast” thread on my mind, but I guess the rest of my head is still stuck in 2011.

  5. Damn, I thought Steamcast would outlast my lifespan. Too bad, I was planning on listening to them again when my exams end :'(

    Thank you Steamcast for all that you’ve done, I wish you guys could just decrease the frequency of episodes, instead of completely ending the show. We certainly will miss it.

  6. I’m really going to miss Steamcast. I feel horrible not being there for the last show.

  7. That’s a shame… This, and that I won’t be able to listen to it live. There goes my hope for entering the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta…

    I realise this podcast was one of the best out there, so I’m sad to see it end. We don’t know the reason yet, do we?

  8. WHAT!? :O

  9. Sadly, I had to stop listening live because they changed the recording to the middle of the school day. I also couldn’t be bothered listening to the recorded version when it was edited, because that required effort when I was already doing something .-.

    But this also means I will miss this 3 hour special, though I do believe I will try and find the effort to go and listen to the edited version.

    I am yet to hear the sad reason for why the team have decided it is good idea to stop, though I support them in whatever endeavors they plan to accomplish next.

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