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PSA: The Combine OverWiki Is Back Online [UPDATED]

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PSA: The Combine OverWiki Is Back Online [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: And hours later, the second brief downtime period has ended. The wiki is now back online, yet again.]

Just a quick reminder/public service announcement: earlier this week, the Combine OverWiki came back online, following a brief period of downtime caused by a domain name registration issue.

The wiki is now completely operational again (and still being actively maintained, with far better quality content than any other Half-Life wiki has to offer), so check it out and, why not, consider becoming an editor!

On a related note, the wiki’s admins plan to switch to a far better hosting system some time later this year. And once that’s done, the sky’s the limit!


  1. Whenever I google Combine Overwiki, it always links me to the horrid ‘Half-Life Wiki.’ I have to bookmark the link.

  2. Thanks for the post, Vic – and thanks for the feedback all those who’ve commented. It’s really really helpful, inspiring even.

    It’s been very up and down, lately: our domain’s registration expired (and the guy who owns it failed to tell us – thankfully we now own the domain ourselves, which was what the second temporary downtime was about).

    Thanks a lot to all those who held on. We’re aware that the site isn’t necessarily the most enticing lure away from Wikia, but we’re really trying very hard to work on it. Right now, it’s kind of in the foetal stages, still, and, on the server-end as well as on the site-end, there’s going to be a lot of development, fixes and improvements in the next few weeks.

    If there’s one thing that I’d have to say is what keeps the wiki going, it’s Klow. I don’t think he ever stops. He’s probably a robot.

  3. Hey, Vic! How come when I browse this site I never hear anything about DOTA 2? The game gets many updates and something posted about it would be awesome!

    • I’ve never quite gotten around to posting on about the Dota 2 updates. To tell the truth, I’m not that much of a fan, and I’ve never really seen any interest in Dota coverage. You’re the first, if I’m not mistaken. In any case, this upcoming Friday, I’ll see about doing a post for when Valve reveals this week’s update!

  4. you can use .css to remove all ads.. its not an issue really, and isn’t the Half-Life wiki the original content? either way I just prefer the hl wiki for some reason.. for me it just seems easier to use. and i like the sites design.. the cool images on the right and left.. :c

    • I know the ads can be removed, but it’s still a non-functional, wonky site design that was created with advertisements in mind. As for it having the “original content”… well, I think that’s exactly what’s wrong with it.

    • “non-functional, wonkey design” – have you actually used wikia’s version at all?

  5. “and still being actively maintained, with far better quality content than any other Half-Life wiki has to offer” – Yea sorry, wikia’s version looks nicer then combine overwiki… and combine doesn’t even work redirects to a hosting site for me atm. bad service imo. at least half-life wiki has better hosting + looks nicer.

    • No, I don’t think so. The Half-Life Wiki has a horrid site design, which is tailored for advertisements. It’s pretty awful-looking. Besides, it’s the content that matters – and the OverWiki indubitably features far greater-quality content than any other HL wiki.
      But yes, I’ve also noticed they have a new hosting issue. No idea what that’s all about – hopefully they’ll get that fixed as well.

  6. Great! glad to hear they are trying to improve hosting – the current website is pretty slow.

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