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Presenting The LambdaGeneration Monthly Mini-Poll! [POLL UPDATED]

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Presenting The LambdaGeneration Monthly Mini-Poll! [POLL UPDATED]

[UPDATE: We’ve updated the poll with a tenth option: Valve’s upcoming space-based game: “SOB”. If you were holding off on voting, then you can now head on over and decide what to vote for.]

Today we’re launching the first in a series of Mini-Polls that we’ll be doing on a monthly basis. This one is titled “What is the next Valve game you are most anticipating?”. You can find it further down the page, under the “Recent Comments” section of the sidebar. There’s 9 choices, plus an “Other” choice (we forgot to add SOB, and we’ll be updating the poll with that soon, so if you’re actually waiting for SOB, hold off on your vote until we add it). Let us know what you think – in both the poll and here, in the comments section.


  1. Braking News: VALVe listed for E3!2012:

  2. Other: Fart Cops

    What else? XD

  4. The poll would be more interesting without the first choice in it.

  5. Just a thought, but could SOB be an anagram for Second Orange Box?

  6. Half life 3 or episode 3, what else?

  7. Half-Life 3 of course but… Gunman Chronicles 2 – wtf?! o.O

  8. I don’t see anything else but the number 3 winning this poll.

  9. What is Gunman Chronicles 2?

  10. Ricochet 2 lawl

  11. Black Mesa Source.

  12. Team Counter-Portal 2: Gunman Episodes 4

  13. Half Life 3. Naturally.

  14. Team Fortress 3: Brotherhood of Arms!

  15. This one isn’t really a tough choice!

  16. The Next Half-Life Game a.k.a The Sequel to Episode Two a.k.a The Half-Life game with a “3” in it a.k.a “Please Valve, count to 3 with the Half-Life series”.

  17. Fart Cops master race

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