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Portal 2 – Previews, Videos And Steam On PS3

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More previews. More previews.

Jesus Christ, will they ever stop?!

Portal 2 – Previews, Videos And Steam On PS3

First up is GamerZine, who recently spoke to Chet Faliszek, who stated that the PS3 version of Portal 2 will require the creation of a Steam account in order to play co-op.

“You need to have a Steam account if you want to play co-op because we’re doing some things between the PC and PS3 versions.”

Pretty awesome. What more is there to say, really? You can find the article here.

Next, Scrawl (or whatever it is they’re called) previewed Portal 2 at one of EA’s recent press events… which took place in a “rave nightclub”. 

Sheesh, I knew the industry was having problems, but it’s that bad? Sweet mother.

This is another one of those “the beginning of Portal 2” previews, which means there’s a lot of spoilers. Read at your own risk. Here’s the link.

Scrawl also talked to DJ Powers, Valve’s marketing manager. The interview’s pretty interesting, and it doesn’t have too many spoilers in it, so you should check it out.

Meanwhile, Pixel Enemy did a video interview with DJ Powers at what seems to be the same press event. It’s pretty interesting, but apparently it contains “never-before-seen gameplay”, which, naturally, means it’s the intro sequence.

Check it out here:

And now for the main attraction: “igotsthepower9000” has created a massive compilation of all Portal 2 gameplay videos and trailers released thus far, except for the VGA “Aperture Friends” trailer and the original “Meet Wheatley” video.

It’s pretty great! Take a look:

That’s about all, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for any Portal 2 related news.


  1. Thank you guys so much for hosting my video!

    I chose to leave out the original Meet Wheatley video because it felt almost non-canon now that the real voice actor is voicing him. It didn’t feel right, even though it did include a bit more footage.

    Also, the Aperture Friends trailer came out in HD from Valve the day after I rendered the video, and didn’t include any new gameplay, so I didn’t see the value of re-rendering the whole video just for 1:30 of Atlas and P-Body being built just like they were in the Co-Op trailer.

    Again, that’s for linking to it!

  2. Wonderful! Great compilation

  3. Damn. When will they show us video of The PS3 Steam client in action.

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