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Portal 2: Last GamesCom Media

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GamesCom is over, but as a final treat, Valve has released some high-resolution pictures of their Portal 2 demo on their FTP. Said FTP is inaccessible (to us smelly amateur LambdaGeneration folks), but thankfully, is hosting the images. They have lovely leaky ingame prefixes. “sp_sabotage”, you say? Mwhahahaha! Deliciously not-so-informative knowledge fills my brain!

Portal 2: Last GamesCom Media

Here they are, in link form, for easier viewing and zooming and s**t:












There’s more, and we wish we could post them, but all the versions we could find had obnoxious watermarks, and the originals are on Valve’s FTP, which, as previously stated, we can’t access.

They’ve also put up a high-res version of the Wheatley video on their official YouTube channel, and IGN has the other videos:

More Portal 2 News & Previews

Portal 2 at

And this interview with lead writer Erik Wolpaw, which features some extra info, but not much:


  1. Repulsion Gel with turrets! So funny.

  2. – More humens? That’s an open question.
    – There may be some undisclosed gels.
    – There will be more Personality Cores.
    – More info on the story at PAX in September.
    – The Companion Cube will appear in some shape or form.
    – Cave may still be around.
    – The G-Man is totally Gordon from the future. Totally.
    – There will be some amazing new lines.
    – Cake won’t be back, though.

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