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Podcast 17’s Interview With Merle Dandridge – The Voice Of Half-Life’s Alyx Vance

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Podcast 17’s Interview With Merle Dandridge – The Voice Of Half-Life’s Alyx Vance

There are few things in my life that make me smile more than Podcast 17. While that sounds suspiciously like a toothpaste advertisement, I can assure you that Podcast 17 is no mere toothpaste! No, sir – it is a terrific podcast! That I happen to co-host. Which makes it even more terrific when Podcast 17 interviews Merle Dandridge, the voice of the one and only Alyx Vance. It’s a pretty lengthy interview, and Glenn manages to get a VERY interesting reaction regarding EP3 out of Merle at one point. It’s really informative, so go check it out!


  1. Great, thanks!
    Just so you know, when downloading the file from the rss feed link, I always get a “Site is offline” error. The link on the website itself is fine.

  2. Anyone else is interested in the episode 3 question?

  3. Huh, I hoped that she says something concret about ep3, but we don’t know anything new. I mean, HL3 will come, proof: the borealis easteregg in Portal 2, but I want to know something more detailed. 🙁

  4. Hi,

    I think its around 13min, but as English is not my mother language, did she say : “you guys played episode 3 ?”
    I cannot get it 😉 If anybody can be more precise 😉 thanks

    • They say something about episode 3 to her, and she asks them if she accidentally said anything about episode 3, because she isn’t supposed to talk about it.

    • William: You’ve moved us into a very morbid tone, now I’m going to be depressed during Episode 3.

      Merle: Oh no..

      Glenn: I’m just glad you didn’t give us any spoilers about Episode 3. But you meant Episode 2, so thank you.

      Merle: Oh did I say episode 3?

      William: No no no no. Don’t worry, you didn’t.

      Glenn: No you didn’t, it’s ok.

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