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Podcast 17 To Interview The Beyond Black Mesa Team

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Podcast 17!

If you haven’t heard of it… then go and hear it, literally.

Podcast 17 To Interview The Beyond Black Mesa Team

This Saturday, at 11PM CST, 12AM EST, and 5PM GMT, the fine Podcast 17 team will be interviewing the team of filmmakers behind Beyond Black Mesa.

They will be speaking to Matt Hall, the producer, writer and actor, Mat Powell, producer, camera operator and actor, Joy Gravel, actress and promotional director, Nate Quarterman, the composer and narrator, and Brian Curtin, the director, the lead actor, and the editor.

Boy, wasn’t that a mouthful?!

You can pre-submit questions by e-mailing [email protected], or by posting a comment on the Podcast 17 Agenda (

The show is, as always, recorded live and streamed. Information can be found on the official P17 website, in particular, the Live Stream section, and the P17 Steam Group.

That’s about it! Be sure to check the podcast out!

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