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PlanetPhillip Launches the Single Player Map and Mod Hall of Fame at

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PlanetPhillip is known for more than just being a database for singleplayer Half-Life maps and mods. It’s also known for how it allows commenters and readers to review any map and mod, using Recommendation Images.

And now, believe it or not, Phillip is doing even more with these Images!

PlanetPhillip Launches the Single Player Map and Mod Hall of Fame at

Phillip has just launched his new site:, which is a sort of Hall of Fame for the mods featured over at

Long-time listeners of Podcast 17 should recognize this URL, as Phillip has been trying to do various things with it for a while now.

It uses the Recommendation Images posted by commenters and readers as a guideline to set a ranking for each mod.

Each section is named after an entry in the Half-Life series. Currently, the site has sections for HL1, HL2, EP1 and EP2. These sections each have the Top 5 single player mods for that particular game. Some categories also have Honorable Mentions.

Phillip has also requested help with the Half-Life 1 section. PlanetPhillip featured HL1 mods long before the Images were put in place, so many mods do not have enough Recommendation Images to make it on He has asked for readers and commenters to submit their lists of the top 10 all-time best HL1 mods. If you’re up for it, and we don’t see why you shouldn’t do it, head over here.

It seems like a great idea. Phillip’s always creating great new sites, and this looks to be one of them.

For the PlanetPhillip post, head over here:

For the actual site, head over yonder:

And, once again, for the HL1 post:

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  1. Thanks again guys for mentioning my work.

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