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PlanetPhillip: Blue Portals Competition Mappack Out, and More!

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Here at LambdaGeneration, we only know to round things up.

Seriously. It makes for awkward situations out there in the real world.

PlanetPhillip: Blue Portals Competition Mappack Out, and More!

First up in our look over PlanetPhillip’s recent coverage is the Blue Portals Community Competition Mappack.

There were only two entries, which is a major shame. You’ll need Blue Portals, of course.

Check it out here.

Second is Phillip’s Portal 2 co-op auction!

Recently I was offered the opportunity to guest host Podcast 17, as part of a co-host tryout. Pinky might write an article about it soon (because let’s be honest, writing an article about how I appeared on a podcast will only make me seem like some sort of megalomaniac, and not in the nice KMFDM way), but from what he’s told me, he’s very busy.

We briefly touched on how so many of us don’t have a Portal 2 co-op partner. Thankfully, I have acquired such a partner. To be exact… two (*waves at Captain and Pinky*). I have no idea how I’m going to do it, but I’ve done stranger things in the past. I mean, come on. They call me “the man who makes the impossible possible”.

Oh, sorry. That’s Solid Snake. Or David. Or Old Snake, if you prefer.

Waq, one of our staff members (or Erebus, since he’s pretty indecisive about names) would also like to play with me, so it’ll pretty much be Left 4 Dead in there.

Phillip’s name came up a few times as a possible partner for the other hosts, and he has decided to literally auction himself.

Now, if you decide to enter, please consider your bid legally binding, although it isn’t. All bids should be in US Dollars to keep it simple. In addition each bid must be no greater than 50 cents than the last one.

Also, please note that American (North and South) bidders will need to remember the time difference and finding times that suit both of us may prove difficult. If bidders want to offer something else beside money, please base the bid on the perceived value.

Any money raised will go to a charity, which has yet to be decided. Payment will be expected upon completion of the game. If a bidder wins and fails to pay I will do my best to shame them as publicly as possible. If I believe any bids are false, I will simply delete it, sorry.

So, want to play with the one and only Phillip? Throw him into pools of toxic waste? Listen to his lovely voice, which you might recall from Blue Portals? Have him impersonate Wheatley? Go right here and start bidding.

On a sadder note, PlanetPhillip community member Jasper passed away on the 21st of March. We here at LambdaGeneration would like to transmit our sincerest condoleances to his family and friends.

Moving on, Phillip has recently unveiled a new roundtable podcast series unrelated to his PlanetPhillip Discussion Podcasts or his new quiz podcast.

The first episode discusses the future of Source modding, with GeneralVivi, who is currently working on Chell’s Legend, has worked on Dead Before Dawn, and has done industry work on Singularity and Wolfenstein; Unqueque, a contributor to the unforgettable HL1 mod Project: Quantum Leap; and Robert Yang, the creator of the amazing Radiator. William of Podcast 17 and Au-Heppa, of Human Error fame were also due to join, but could not.

You can find the podcast here.

Phillip is also organizing two sweepstakes – one for a copy of Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West; and one for 3 or 4 copies of the original Portal.

Lastly, we’d like to thank Phillip for including us in his new Links page. He says we have “great articles”, but I think most people came for that fancy advent calendar and stuck around for the April Fools jokes. Which means we’ll start losing traffic right about now, until we do another Half-Life 3 article that gets us thousands of views.

Thank you, Phillip, and thanks, guys for reading. Always keep an eye on PlanetPhillip for the newest and greatest Half-Life mods.

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