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Pirates, Vikings and Knights II – Beta 2.4 Released

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Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is a multiplayer Source total conversion. As you can tell, you can play as either a pirate, viking, or knight. Ninjas and samurai are missing in action, unfortunately.

Featuring a unique and fun-to-use melee combat system, PVKII has an active playerbase behind it.

Just this Christmas, the new Beta 2.4 was released.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II – Beta 2.4 Released

Beta 2.4 features a new game mode titled “Trinket Wars”. This replaces ye Holy Grail game mode of old.

In Trinket Wars, each team has its own trinket. They must defend their trinket and use strategy to get points.

In addition, each class now has a brand new set of voice commands. That means all the old commands are gone. Yes, I know. How will we ever look at the Viking again?

Yarr, but don’t cry, landlubbers. The new voice work be great. Even the talented Stig “DragonNOR” Sydtangen, who is the leader of the talented team behind Operation Black Mesa, makes an appearance. Oh, and he’s a real viking. A Norwegian viking, too. Most dangerous kind of viking.

With a new game mode, a returning map, new voice work, and a shipload of bugfixes, this update is definitely worth your time. If you’ve never played PVKII before, now is the time.

Here’s ye full changelog, and head to those links down yonder to check out the official news posts.

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