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Opposing Force 2 – Demo Coming This Weekend!

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It isn’t very often that you see a mod that not only tries to continue Adrian Shephard’s story into the HL2 universe, but one that tries to live up to Gearbox’s Opposing Force.

Opposing Force 2, which has been in the making for 3 years, might just do both of those things.

Opposing Force 2 – Demo Coming This Weekend!

And now, it appears a demo is on the way! Not only that, but it’s coming out this weekend!

In a news update posted on ModDB, MenteR, Opposing Force 2’s team leader talks about the upcoming demo, which may be the first of several!

The first demo of Opposing Force 2 is called “The Stadium Demo”, and it carries the name for a reason. On this demo we focused solely on NPCs and weapons, and for this, we have made a stadium map similar to Sven-Coop’s. On this map, you’ll be able to spawn a bunch of HL2 and OF2 NPCs, spawn barricades, spawn props and press a button that casts the incredible Michael Bay mode, which triggers a lot of explosions throughout the stadium. All that by simplying pressing buttons all around. We’ll also include of2_forest_contact, one of the Deadlock Conflict maps, which is being designed by one of our mappers, Hazard24, as a bonus. And finally, the Crossfire map for all your unnecessary needs of exploding nukes and spamming NPCs.

Being completely sincere, we did not include a few weapons and NPCs. However, you can make sure that our team is working hard on them. This month only, our subversion had more than 200 revisions. Which means, estimatively 8 assignments (including models, maps, NPCs, weapons, and so on) got finished per day. So worry not, because this is not going to be our only demo. We plan on releasing a longer demo with the full weapon arsenal and the complete list of NPCs in game in one or two months.

Sounds great, but we wanted to see more actual levels, as was promised in previous updates. Let’s hope the team does that for future demos.

The team have also released some brand new media, featuring weapons, some of the levels we’ll see in the first demo, as well as the chapters “Wastelands” and “Deadlock Conflict”.


  1. A good thing about a dev team that releases a tech demo of it’s game is that the players can then find glitches and bugs early and save the team a lot of time of testing and finding them.
    Also it’s nice to see that this mod has some progress.

  2. Epic.

  3. EEK 😀 😀 😀

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