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Off-Topic: Duke Nukem Forever’s New Trailer

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For anyone who didn’t know, we also cover other, more “off-topic” things in the gaming community. Only important things, mind you.

Duke Nukem Forever getting a new trailer and an official release date is one of those things.

Off-Topic: Duke Nukem Forever’s New Trailer

Yes, that is a new Duke Nukem Forever trailer. It is, coincidentally, the same trailer shown at PAX to a crowd of journalists, only censored.

And yes, that is a release date. 3rd May in the US, 6th May internationally.

I will most definitely be buying this. What about you?


  1. After twelve years of development, we hope that it is worth it. FOCKEEN DELAYS!

  2. If he gets more gum he’ll have to kick less ass.

  3. Guchi guchi

  4. Bublgum ? :3

  5. You know, if he keeps running out, why doesn’t he just get more bubblegum?

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