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News Roundup #48

News & Rumors Other

Almost up to big number 50!

News Roundup #48

L4D: July 1st Update

Stats! Woo!

Kelly Bailey And Mike Dussault Release Their First Ex-Valve Project: Morfo

Interesting technology! We wish them luck.

Volume 2 of Portal 2 OST Released

Some incredible tracks in here!

TF2 Summer Event Kicks Off, And More TF2 Related News

Summer hats. Best hats.

IGN’s Top 100 Modern Games

Hey, at least it’s something. I suppose.

Final Sequence

I’m leaving for a week today. Sorry, readers! Hang in there, and soon I’ll have returned, and the site will be back in business. Flamov might also be writing during this time, so hey, if all goes well, you won’t even notice I’m gone, let alone remember that!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. We shall make a party when it reaches 100 😀

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