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News Roundup #41

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Alright! This time, we’re actually not that late! Well and truly incredible.

News Roundup #41

L4D: May 6th Mutation Update

Versus has never been better!

Portal 2 – SDK Beta Released

Not bad! Keep in mind that this is a beta.

Half-Life Related Code Found In Portal 2 SDK

Episode Three? Is that you?

Real Life HEV Combine Charging Station Computer Case Is Born

Now all we need is a health station.

Develop’s Five Valve Interviews

Check them out!

Half-Life Mass Playthrough Has Begun

Load up a Half-Life game, and get playing!

Final Sequence

Aaand that’s that.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks to Chemical Alia for allowing us to use her great art as a feature image!

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  1. “Alright! This time, we’re actually not that late! Well and truly incredible.”

    I know how you feel.
    I’ve been behind on the weekly mod news updates for …. weeks.

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