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News Roundup #40

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Late again, partly because I went on a trip this past weekend.

News Roundup #40

TF2 – Replay Update Released

Alright… I don’t know what to write here, so why not show off some of my good friends’ replays?

Here’s one from Norek:

And here’s one from Emil:

Lovely stuff.

Develop Magazine Goes To Valve – Done With Episodic Content?

That’s good, because I don’t know many people who’d really wait almost 4 years for a mere episode.

PlanetPhillip Discussion Podcast #002

Let’s hope we see plenty more of these. I’d like to see more modders on the podcast, personally.

Half-Life Series Mass Playthrough

Playing great games for a great cause… for what will hopefully be a great game.

Final Sequence

And we’re behind schedule. Again. Our apologies.

In any case, thanks for reading! Expect this week’s Roundup some time on Sunday.

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  1. And still no news on the Portal 2 dev tools coming out. For shame

    • I’ll get around to it. Keep in mind that I work on the site in my spare time, and I don’t always have enough time. For example, just this week, I had several major exams I had to study for.

      • You could always drop out 😀 Really I’m just giving you a hard time for providing news roundups when I’m not sure how useful they are rather than directing your limited time to purely new updates. But don’t let me get you down, I and others (I’m sure) appreciate the efforts here and quite like that theres a site we can go to that has news relevant to the Valve community. Its also aptly named as I believe Half-Life really did create a distinct generation of gamers (of which there are many.)

        So thanks and keep it up.

        • I’ve contemplated scrapping Roundups long before, but in the end, they really don’t take an inordinate amount of time to handle. They’re quick and easy to do – I’d go as far as to call them the easiest thing I do on the site. As such, they are the least of my concerns for the time being. And as for the rest of your post – thanks!

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