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New Episode of the G-Man Squad Released… After One Year And Seven Months

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After… uhh… one year, 7 months, and 5 days, the Janus Syndicate finally remembered that quaint little machinima comedy series they were doing a while back.

New Episode of the G-Man Squad Released… After One Year And Seven Months

Yes, it’s a new episode of G-Man Squad, just in case you hadn’t completely stopped caring about a new installment by now.

In this episode, the G-Man Squad gets kicked out of heaven, shoots down a fighter jet, chooses the Game of the Year, and continues terrorizing young children.

There’s also Deer Hunter 2005 jokes, in case you hadn’t gotten tired of those yet. Also, Crackbone just sounds like an old man now.

And Machinima censors all the bad words, so angry parents won’t sue them or something.

Meh, nevermind me. Check it out. Maybe it’ll remind you of good old 2008, back when the series was actually great.


  1. Series started sucking once they left fucking Black Mesa.

  2. Crackbone sounds like he has kids…

  3. God damn censors censoring Clyde.

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