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New Black Mesa Media Surfaces Through Developer’s Portfolio

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Black Mesa “submerged” in late 2009 after the dev team missed their 2009 release date and decided to put even more of their time into developing the mod, and far less time into doing PR, because, let’s be frank, when you’re dealing with a free mod like Black Mesa, it really does do its own PR.

So we haven’t seen any media releases, and any new media has been largely sporadic and contained to either the mod’s wiki or developer’s portfolios.

New Black Mesa Media Surfaces Through Developer’s Portfolio

Now, via developer Mark Foreman’s portfolio, a lot of new media has surfaced. Some of it is from 2009, some of it is from 2010, and some is from 2011. So some of it may be outdated, but we can safely say that all of it looks spectacular. There’s the new health and HEV chargers (from 2011), the iconic Black Mesa tram (from 2010), and more. If this is how the team has been spending the past few years, then they can take all the time they want for all we care. 

You can find it all on Mark’s portfolio, as well as the Black Mesa Wiki, where you’ll find even more media and information.

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  1. 2012 please!! 9 years is more than long enough. This is second only to Duke Nukem in annoying anticipation.

    • 9 years? I don’t think Black Mesa has been in development since 2003. Furthermore, you can’t really compare it to Duke – DNF had a large budget, in the millions, if I recall correctly, done by industry professionals, whereas Black Mesa is being done on zero budget, by amateur developers.

  2. Number of polygons in HL1 HEV charger: 16
    Number of polgyons in BMS HEV charger: 6,928
    We’ve made a long way.

  3. Its refreshing to see some new info. All we need now is a release date!

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