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Jonathan Coulton Confirms That He Is Making A Song For Portal 2; Survives Perilous Flight With It

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With the massive, and I do mean massive success that Still Alive had, and the positive reception for “Re: Your Brains” in Left 4 Dead 2, it seemed like a no-brainer that Jonathan Coulton was going to make another song for Portal 2.

Way back in March, at GDC 2010, Gabe did hint that Jonathan would return for Portal 2, stating that “Jonathan Coulton is awesome — he’s just brilliant; he’s a joy to work with”, but there has been no official confirmation.

Well, now we’ve heard it from Jonathan himself, on his blog:

Jonathan Coulton Confirms That He Is Making A Song For Portal 2; Survives Perilous Flight With It

In a post he made on the 14th, Jonathan said this:

Yes, I am doing a song for Portal 2, and no it’s not quite finished yet. But while the success of Still Alive is an impossible thing to live up to, I’m pretty happy with how this new one is turning out. I can tell you that the game itself is also going to be great, regardless of how badly I screw up the song. Look for more news on all of that soon.

However, back on the 13th, he tweeted this:

Closing the doors. If this plane goes down, the Portal 2 song goes with it. It is in my pocket…

5 hours and 20 minutes later, he tweeted this:

Good news, I did not crash. Christmas is saved.

Perhaps he flew to Valve? Why else would he have the Portal 2 song with him?

In any case, we’re glad Jonathan is coming back, and we can’t wait to see the final result.


  1. I think they should release the song before the game.

    • I personally would vastly prefer it to be a surprise right up to the credits. Folks would be all like “oh my god oh my god song is starting”. Releasing it prior to the game would ruin that.

  2. “Christmas is saved.”

    Valve Time!

  3. What gets me excited is “expect more on that soon”

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