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Hot Damn, They’re Making Insurgency 2

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Slightly late news, yes. But it’s something that, to my surprise, almost no one knew anything about: turns out that the 2007 multiplayer classic: INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat (or INS for short), the hyper-realistic Source mod that put you in the combat boots of a U.S. Marine or Iraqi insurgent, caught in the middle of the Second Gulf War – is getting a sequel.

But let’s do a quick recap. Sadly, despite its initial success, and its official release directly on Steam; Insurgency’s intense difficulty, combined with tremendous turmoil within the mod team and, later on, a critical lack of support – all only meant one thing: that by its 2nd anniversary, Insurgency had literally begun bleeding players. But its community valiantly held its ground, and to this day, Insurgency’s most critical and insightful community blog remains open. The mod itself, however, does not.

And just like that, Insurgency was gone. But at last, it seems that it has returned to us – and in safe keeping to boot. Read on!

Hot Damn, They’re Making Insurgency 2

Two months ago, New World Interactive unveiled Insurgency 2 at GDC 2012. Built off the Portal 2 branch of the Source engine, Insurgency 2 will be a full-fledged commercial Steam release. It’s set to include redesigned gameplay mechanics, as well as all-new game features, making for a more accessible and enjoyable, but still heavily team-based and realistic infantry combat experience. The game will include a number of different scenarios and environments, apart from Iraq, such as Chechnya; Somalia; Libya; and Afghanistan.

There’s also gonna be this:

Personal Items
Players can collect and trade personal items in the game. Sidearms, melee weapons and explosives are all items that players can collect over time in the game. Ideally players will also be able to submit custom models to us, and upon approval have their item purchasable through Steam like hats in Team Fortress 2.

Mother of god. I’d be upset about this, but apparently they’re adding the knife back to the game, so all sins are forgiven. For more details on what the team is going to include and change, check out their About page.

Here’s camera footage from the early gameplay showcase they had in March, over at GDC:

It may be a work-in-progress, but it does look quite impressive. They’ve also released an 8-minute gameplay video from the closed alpha test; but it’s pretty unrepresentative of the game itself, as the demo recording failed to properly process the game’s free-aim system, resulting in a video that makes the game look so bad… it shouldn’t have seen the light of day. So, viewer discretion is advised. Or something.

Well, what can I say? I am definitely looking forward to seeing, as well as hearing more about Insurgency 2. Until then, why not send in your application for its closed alpha test?

Thanks to Soviet for the tip.

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  1. Hey Vic, don’t know if you’ll get this but I found some new alpha footage of this game:

    • Thank you very much Oscar – I did take a look at it earlier this week. Planning on doing some coverage as soon as possible, but I’ve got a lot of other stuff lined up. Will try my best!

  2. I’m glad the fixed the horrible aiming/camera controls they had in the first one. That made it unplayable.

  3. Really neat, I’ve played the original a bit. Seems like it’ll have some tough competition with CS:GO though.

  4. Looks pretty neat!

  5. I want to play nao. 🙂

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