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GooseGoose’s Half-Life 2 Commentary Video… In Remastered, High-Def Glory

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Long ago, in 2007, during the lead-up to the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two as part of the Orange Box, a man we know only as GooseGoose created a number of lengthy commentary videos of each of the Half-Life 2 games. These video critiques provided numerous insights, points and views concerning the HL2 series, tackling all sorts of topics, and analyzing the games themselves, on all fronts – story, gameplay, and tone alike.

These videos came at a time when most of the online video community was obsessed with superficial video reviews of various games – so, in a way, GooseGoose’s critique videos served as the forerunners to many of today’s comprehensive “Let’s Play” series, as well as other similar game-related video creations. And beyond that, his commentaries were simply very entertaining and extremely interesting, and to this day, I still consider the series a must-watch for every Half-Life fan out there.

But some time afterwards, GooseGoose simply… well, dropped off the face of the Net. His YouTube account vanished, and then Google Video went belly-up, which left us with exactly no remaining copies of GooseGoose’s HL2 commentaries. Community member Flamov succeeded in reuploading the original videos early last year, but those were primeval 240p copies that are practically unwatchable these days. If only someone could… oh, wait!

GooseGoose’s Half-Life 2 Commentary Video… In Remastered, High-Def Glory

Employing what I can only imagine was a lot of patience and a lot of free time, Kohlstream has created a high-definition (1080p, in fact), fully re-mastered and re-shot rendition of GooseGoose’s Half-Life 2 commentary video.

Matching each shot as closely as possible, and with the original audio track perfectly preserved, this is an extremely faithful version of the original video critique! No idea if Kohl plans on shooting new versions of the EP1 and EP2 commentary videos as well, but hopefully he’ll give those a shot some time soon as well.

So even if you’ve seen it all before, then why not give it the benefit of a second viewing? And if you’ve never seen them before… well then, here you are!

Source is Reddit’s r/Games.


  1. Watched this one plus old Ep. 1 & 2 videos. Love his views and insight, and his sarcastic jokes.

    It did seem though, that every couple minutes he’d go “Hey look there’s a trash can. You know, I’ve always been fascinated about trash cans since childhood, and no game did ’em better than Half-Life 2 did.” XD

  2. I must agree, the commentary is great. I had never seen this before either, great remaster btw. Everything GooseGoose says corresponds with the images. I wonder if there’s a ep 1 en 2 as well?

  3. Never watched these, I’ll give ’em a shot…

  4. This guy is great. Looking forward to his views on the next HL installment.

  5. The legends spoke the truth, The Legacy of GooseGoose has returned!

  6. The guy is an amazing artist, one of his projects is this:

  7. Never watched, gonna watch now, but not for the HD version, cause i can barely see videos in 240p.

  8. I’ve been looking for this video 😀

  9. Wow. That’s devotion, and we’re all luckier for it, as the commentary is fantastic. Thanks GooseGoose and Kohlstream!

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