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Game Informer Hints At Possible Half-Life 3 Reveal During 2011

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As we all know, Game Informer and Valve are bros.

What gaming publication had exclusive information and screenshots of Portal 2 way back in April on one of its issues, and had their own Portal 2 Hub through which they continued to release Portal 2 info on their website? Game Informer, of course.

What gaming publication came forward with the exclusive announcement of DotA 2, and has done plenty of interviews with Valve in the past? Game Informer.

What gaming publication said, at the beginning of 2010 that there would be no Half-Life during that year (which they got spot on), and even implied the next Half-Life may be “Half-Life 3?” Game Informer.

You get the idea.

Game Informer Hints At Possible Half-Life 3 Reveal During 2011

Today, Game Informer have just launched their “What’s Ahead: Game Informer’s 2011 Predictions” article. The article contains all the usual stuff: Microsoft predictions, Nintendo predictions, various wacky industry predictions, etcetera. Some of them sound awfully, awfully precise though. It seems as though these are more than simple guesses.

But what really, really caught our eye was this:

Half-Life 3 revealed
And it looks great. Surprise.

That’s all they mention. Unlike the other predictions, which are fairly large, that’s all they say here. I don’t think I need to say anything else, folks. Anything at all.


  1. It’s December. 31 days until 2012.


  3. I hope at E3 2011 they will mention something. Portal wasn’t my type of game and I really don’t want to be left in the dark for Half Life. Half Life 3 with a new engine would be amazing. There are still millions of Half Life fans Valve! Don’t leave us hanging!

    • in the end of ‘Final Hours of Portal 2’ is written that VALVe did its secret project five years and will do as early as five years more =) So, i think at E3 will be DOTA2 or nothing.

      By the way, more than Ep3, i’m waiting for F-SPOT now

      • The idea that Valve would release a new Half-Life game in 2016, almost 10 years after Episode Two, is hilariously ludicrous. The top secret project is NOT a Half-Life game, so I don’t see why this would mean that we’ll only see Dota 2 at E3.

    • i agree we need more half-lifes they are fun i beat 2 earlier today

  4. valve is only a staff of around 30ish people. If you ask me there must be something to do with chell and someone from half-life, due to how portal 2 ends. and the the fact its takes place 100 or so years after half-life 2 ends. g-mans probably sending our other favorite mute, free-man (also if you beat the portal 2 game, theresa singing turret(the fat one) that sings in a another languge “its ironic that caroline means free man, in this case gordon free men which you will never know”) I wouldn’t put it past Valve to have waited till portal 2 was done to release half-life 3. but needed that ending of portal two to make the meating between those characters happen. just a guess though don’t go flamming mei ain’t saying this is exactly whats gonna happen set in stone..just an idea thrown out there.

  5. I just read something quite interesting. I don’t know if its true, but VALVe has apparently said something about that Chell is going to have something to do with someone from HL (Can somebody confirm this?), and HL2:EP3 has just been postponed to after the release of Portal 2. Sorry for double-posting, hadn’t seen i had pressed the replybutton.

  6. In theory, they are probably re-designing the entire new engine in order to run some new features that wasn’t possible with Half Life 2 (AKA Performance, gameplay or graphic quality.) It just seems that it does take that long to make a new engine and THEN make a new game altogether. : /

    • Source doesn’t need a complete re-design to support new graphics (shaders) or new physics and gameplay features.
      A good example is to look at HL2’s branch of Source, and L4D2’s branch of Source, L4D2 has new updated graphics and gameplay features, in a newer branch, yet it is the very same engine that was used in HL2, it was not redesigned.
      I believe that Source can stay many more years with branch updates without the need to re-design the engine entierly (unlike CryEngine which gets redesigned every few years).

  7. well i hope it a great game and i cant wait until it comes out

  8. Just reading through the article and it seems to me that Game Informer is just making a joke about it ‘looking great’. I just took at as “its half life so obviously its going to look fantastic’

  9. Obviously HL3 is coming, the biggest give-away being the delay of Episode 3. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what valve has been up to. Ive even heard we will see it in early to mid 2012, which makes sense given the “big two” – BF3 and MW3 are being released later this year and will be in the spotlight for some time. My guess is mid to late 2012.

  10. I don’t want to be the pessimist guy on the blog, but don’t you think that, if gameinformer is like a brother to valve, it won’t tell everyone what valve is keeping in secret?
    Also think that if 35% of Valve is working on Portal 2 and 20% (or less) is working on DoTa 2 and probably 5-15% is supporting other games (like L4D, TF2) HL3 would be being developed by 30%-40% of Valve, and i think it a very big game, so big that that 40% is not enough

    But, by the other hand it could be a joke from valve (everyone knows valve always jokes) and they are keeping this in secret while they tell gameinformer to post that to make us speculate and try to guess

    • If it was a secret, then Game Informer wouldn’t have posted about it. It’s that simple. And I’m sure Valve has more than enough personnel working on Half-Life.

  11. Apparently, this is one of our most viewed, if not the most viewed article we’ve ever had. 22,000+ views. Thanks to all of the readers for making such a massive milestone possible!

  12. It makes perfect sense and justifies the long silence, they are probably working on a new engine or a heavy upgrade to source which will completely have a new stunning look.

  13. Well folks I have a secret and im gonna let you in on it!
    Valve is going to combine episode 3 with half life 3, they wanna
    stun you with the graphics and details so think of it, if they release episode 3 with the HL3 engine they have nothing to impress you with, and they are not going to make episode 3 with the old engine just because they have to, no they are going to combine the two games I thnk it’s pretty obvious and the right thing to do..

  14. Has no one assumed they are just guessing, as frankly, if epi 3 isnt announced in 2011 theres something seriously wrong with valve….

    They just guessing for the sake of it because its a fairly safe gues, and it will bring them more publicity.

    • Game Informer are too close to Valve for mere guesses. And the entry is simply, too short. If it really was just a guess, I’m sure they would have put some other information in there.

      • I Agree, had they just been taking a guess they would have elaborated more, like with all the other predictions. The information they do have “And it looks great. Surprise.” almost sounds as though they’ve already been able to see it. They haven’t used the future tense “And it WILL look great” like the rest of the article. EG:
        “The PSP2 WILL arrive later in the year”
        “details about the successor to Nintendo’s Wii WILL come out”
        “we bet Activision WILL be doing a few unexpected things”

  15. Wonder what Gabe’s commentary is gonna be in this one. Maybe something along the lines of “after 4 years of silence” and “worth the wait”

  16. I believe that GameInformer has some connections in Valve and knows something that we don’t, Maybe Valve is even using GameInformer to tease us.
    -conspiracy mode starts here-
    The clues are everywhere!
    Saxton Hale’s Fist
    Ep3 Blob!
    Even the Lambda on Francis’s hair!!!

  17. i predict it will be published around the same time steam comes to the ps3
    possibly a steam exclusive

  18. I have to admit my heart started to race a little when i first saw Half-Life 3 at the top! Its news, and it HL related, I’m happy!

  19. God, I really hope so. Granted, announcing Half Life 3 right now probably means we’ll get to play it in 2013… but at least it’s news!

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