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Elevator: Source – The Monty Python-Esque Source Mod That Will Elevate Your Existence… Forever

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There are two types of games. Elevator simulators, and bad games. While, of course, there are a few “bad games” that manage to overcome the inherent problems of not being elevator simulators, such as Desert Bus, and Scientist Slaughterhouse: Mod Mess-up. But it’s the elevator simulators that stand the test of time, and enter the Hall of… Elevation. And it was so, that Elevator: Source (or Lift: Source, if you live in the Commonwealth) was born. I mean… hoisted.

Elevator: Source – The Monty Python-Esque Source Mod That Will Elevate Your Existence… Forever

From the creators of GMod Tower, comes a mod that sounds silly and uninteresting, but is actually one of the most refreshing and interesting game experiences I’ve ever played. Elevator: Source is a Garry’s Mod modification, although it requires HL2: Episode Two to be installed and mounted to GMod. Installation is extremely simple, and there’s even an extensive guide on it, although the gamemode file is NOT required unless you plan on hosting a server yourself. If you just want to join a pal who’s hosting the session, get the addon file only.

The main component of Elevator: Source is the elevator ride, which lasts about 40 minutes. It combines the awkward realities of real-life elevator rides… with the best elevator music you’ve ever seen, bizarre, inexplicable Monty Python-esque stops every 3-4 minutes (including some terrific scripted sequences), and loads of strange NPC passengers.

But at the end of the elevator ride comes the real gem – a well-designed penthouse FILLED with interactive details, such as a Lua-coded interactive TV capable of playing pretty much every single video on YouTube, billiard tables, gambling machines, and a blender! Will it blend? That is not the question… the question is who the hell changed the channel on the TV. I was watching this, guys. Seriously?

Whatever you do, don’t play Elevator: Source on your own. It’s meant to be played with upwards of 3 buddies. It sounds like a waste of time, but trust me – it is unbelievably fun. There’s even an SDK, including examples and other utilities, so you can make your own maps, your own stops, and more!


  1. Its a very nice map but I have one problem: The TV, When its turned on all I see is a black screen with a white line at the top, I’ve tried searching things in myself but it never works, please reply.

  2. The power of this mod made me experience birth.

  3. Well this is something I should test with my friends!
    Nice article, thanks Vic for let us know, otherwise I would had ignored the existance of this little gem.

    Monty Python FTW!

  4. It’s true what he said

    I should know… I was there

    *Epic flashback*

    … all I can remember is VIOLATE

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