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CS: Global Offensive Beta Updated Yet Again, With New Weapons And Soundtrack

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Valve are quite literally going on the offensive, with another solid update for CS:GO.

CS: Global Offensive Beta Updated Yet Again, With New Weapons And Soundtrack

The CS:GO blog post says:

We just updated the CS:GO Beta today and changed the default map to Train. You can read all of the release notes here. Besides the map fixes and changing the default map to Train, we are trying two changes in competitive mode: buyable defuse kits and splitting helmets and Kevlar.We have been listening to your feedback on these subjects and want to experiment and collect data from both setups. We have created a scenario for testing the change over the next few weeks that will allow us to capture its impact. We will share our findings with you when the experiment is complete.

The best way you can help us test the change is to play. This will generate the data that we need that will help us make smart decisions. Also make sure to give us feedback in the Steam forums and Twitter on your impressions of the changes. We will compare this feedback to the data we collect and then make a decision.

Competitive Train is now the Quick Match default. In addition, the TEC-9, the M249 Para and the AUG/SG have been added, alongside an extensive redesign of the loading screen and HUD, and a brand new soundtrack. As mentioned, the Kevlar vest is now separate from the Kevlar and Helmet combo – a welcome change that should have been in from the start. Buyable defusal kits are interesting, however. It’s a good idea, but personally, I’d raise their price, to make purchasing them a risky investment. I’d also make the defusal kit more important – perhaps by increasing the time it takes to defuse a bomb without it. I’d limit these defusal kit changes, including the buyability, to Competitive mode.

And since Train is the featured map, this begs a different question: dear god, Valve, why is Train so foggy? It’s a train depot, not Silent Hill. I put up with the dust in Dust. But I cannot, and will not tolerate this fog. It’s killing me, my aim, my performance, and the visual style of the map.

And lastly, here is a look at the latest fashion trends among the Leet Krewcourtesy of ESEA News. I always thought the Krewmen were rich – they can afford to buy like a thousand C4 explosives, but a $2,000 keffiyeh? And cigarettes for all? Now that’s class.


  1. That fog doesn’t sound too bad really. I think it might add to the overall game experience to certain players. Maybe it will make players more alert? I don’t know what I am talking about anyways so…

  2. Sounds fair.

    Considering how big the modding community for CS is, even if the fog stays, someone will remove it in a modified version of the map.

  3. Don’t want to sound rude, but just because you don’t like does not mean others feel the same way.

    Again, I’m not trying to offend you or anything.

    • The fog isn’t something subjective – it’s an objective design feature that is preventing half the playerbase from properly aiming their guns. I haven’t found a single person who likes it.

  4. Again out off topic but:
    What do you think too much for a coincidence?
    I dont know if this has been noticed before but…

  5. Now only to get into the beta :<

  6. That doesn’t beg any question, actually.

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