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CS: Global Offensive Beta Receives Yet Another Crazy Update, Featuring CS_Office

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And from this day on, it shall be known as… CS:OG.

CS: Global Offensive Beta Receives Yet Another Crazy Update, Featuring CS_Office

You thought the end of the week was awesome before? Thanks to Valve and their weekly CS:GO beta updates, it’s even better. Today’s patch was preceded by two official blog posts – one of these briefly explained Valve’s notion of parity and its impact on CS:GO testing, and even included their accuracy testing shooting range maps; while the other post compared players’ hitboxes across CS:S and CS:GO. But the time has come for the actual beta update, and it’s a big one alright:

Today’s update contains bug fixes, new weapons, new maps and a change to quick matching. You can find the complete notes here.

Last week we talked in general on how we handle community feedback. Today’s update is a good example of the end results. Today’s changelist is comprised of work we were doing, bug fixes, feedback from earlier weeks, and some recent feedback. While the community helped with feedback on a great deal of today’s changes, we are going to look at one piece in particular. Movement.

Movement is a hard problem, there are many factors that come into play and both CS:1.6 and CS:S movement have very different feels. The general feedback on CS:GO has been that the movement feels sluggish and constrained. In a private forum we run for pro-player feedback, pR. came in with some suggested values. We tried them and started a back and forth with him and J3Di. During this we nailed down what you have in today’s update. They were able to give details and suggestions on the general feedback.

Are these values final? Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe for now? We don’t know until more players try them and give us their feedback. This is how the process works and we appreciate all those players helping us get these right.

Makes sense. And the movement has definitely been improved significantly. Now the only thing that needs some adjustment is the weapon recoil. Beyond the actual blog post itself, this new update brings us the classic XM1014 auto-shotgun, as well as the new shotgun, the CT’s Mag-7, and its Terrorist counter-part, the Sawn-Off Shotgun. Also included is the brand new machinegun, the IMI Negev, which is pretty neat, but requires some massive improvement. It packs 50 more rounds in its magazine capacity (but total ammo stock remains at merely 200 rounds), and it fires a lot faster, at the cost of its accuracy. Unfortunately, the problem is that the only other machinegun, the M249 Para… is way too inaccurate as it is, which makes both weapons unviable. These two will require quite some work.

And, in addition, CS_Office has been added. There aren’t any significant changes, but in terms of visuals, the map looks absolutely beautiful now. Well done to all those involved at Valve, because this is absolutely rad. Interestingly, those whiteboards we talked about a while back… are nowhere to be found in the map. No idea if they’re still in the files, though. In other game changes, Casual Mode now has every CT get a Defusal Kit… which is pretty silly, if you ask me. I get that it’s Casual Mode and all… but still. Giving just 3 players defusal kits is way more reasonable, if you ask me. And there’s also been some changes to player models – the entire L33t Team faction now has white keffiyehs, while the entire SEAL Team 6 faction now has a black vest and helmet, which, ironically, makes them look not unlike the classic 2004 CSS beta SEALs.

Beyond that, there’s loads of new changes and additions. While there are some issues, I’d call this a successful update. I know most of you guys can’t play it at the moment, but we’re going to remedy that very soon. In addition, we’ll be doing an “Evolution of Italy” video quite soon, featuring the soundtrack Valve forgot to include.

Still, every change is a great change.


  1. That was a close one. I thought Office would be gone forever. It’s one of the best maps, so why get rid of it?

    • Agreed. Unfortunately, there’s been quite a few casualties – RIP: Cobblestone; Piranesi; Militia; Assault; Port; Compound; Chateau; Havana; Prodigy; Tides… and I’m not even going to count the many great CS-exclusive, Xbox-exclusive or the CZ-exclusive maps that have been taken away from us prematurely.

  2. Commenter Avatartyler james trentMarch 26th 2012 at 4:18am

    did you know if you die in cs:s and go to free cam and fly straght up youll hit an unfinished city. wonder if they were thinking aboutadding a new map in cs:s… just some cool info

  3. BaCk OnCe AgAiN wItH tHe IlL bEhAvIoR!

  4. Are there any other maps that may have whiteboards? Also anything interesting on the whiteboards and in cs_office?

    • It was discovered that somehow, by placing its texture on a map in-game, one of those whiteboards has “Project M.E.S.A.” text on it, despite the fact that it does not not appear in the actual files themselves. This is unconfirmed by me, but I found it intriguing. Aside from that, not much – CS_Office doesn’t really have anything that… stands out, so to speak.

  5. Out of curiosity, how big is the CS:GO download file? I’m debating whether I should get it or not.

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