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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta Now Underway

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Just a quick heads-up: the CS:GO beta has now officially commenced. Read on for more info on its launch.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta Now Underway

Anyone with an active beta key on their Steam account will now find that it is live and ready to be played. We will be getting some keys from Valve shortly (regretfully, I was unable to successfully seal the deal with a pinky swear, but I think Gabe would have just laughed in my face and told me to go play Command & Conquer 4 or something) and then our coverage can begin. In the meantime, Steamcast is livestreaming CSGO beta gameplay as we speak, so you can check that out.

In the meantime, enjoy the beta! Or, if you did not succeed in securing a beta key, enjoy watching footage from the beta! It’s the second best thing. What’s the third? Perusing the official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive website, perhaps? It describes the beta as “the first stress test” for their servers and client hardware. It contains “a limited set of weapons, items, game modes, and functionality”. Not much else in the main section of the site, but there is a large Q&A “Facts” page featuring pretty much every answer to every question you could possibly think up. And then some.

So… yeah. Until we can play it ourselves, we’ll be right here. Watching some footage. I won’t be playing Command & Conquer 4, though. No, sir. I’ll be playing Command & Conquer: Generals. Yeaaaah. It’s Toxin Tractor time, bitches.


  1. and now we are waiting only for the files associated with ep 3, hidden in the beta GO 😉

  2. Commenter AvatarAlexander the GreatDecember 1st 2011 at 8:39am

    Counter-Strike GO? Paha…That game is for youths and hoodlims.

    I will continue playing Counter-Strike: Source….I didn’t want a beta key anyway….I heard only noobs get given beta keys…That’s why I didn’t get one….Because I’m not a noob…..I’m not….No way….

  3. Exciting.

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