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City 17: Episode One – Phase 2: The Update Strikes Back

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Part 1 must have been “A New Update”, then.

Sorry for the delays on this one, but hey, “better late than never”, right? Right?

City 17: Episode One – Phase 2: The Update Strikes Back

The first thing the Gear team is talking about is…


That didn’t sound as awesome as I thought it would, sadly.

Orange box introduced a whole new Particle system brought out of programming and placed right into a friendlier, more effecient and less costly “on the fly” editable format. As we’ve mentioned in previous news updates we’ve been focusing on replacing a lot of the older code based Half Life 2 enviromental effects. Since then we’ve entirely replaced everything ranging from fire, impact effects, water, water splashes, dust, explosions, weather effects, and weapon effects such as muzzleflashes and tracers.

In older news updates we’ve always presented screenshots of them, but this time we feel a video is the only way we can do these new effects justice. Sadly we didn’t have the time to get them done in part 1 a few days ago, sorry for that! 

Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words… then a video must be worth like… ten thousand pictures, or something.

Be sure to view the video in 1080p, as it is absolutely gorgeous. The modders at Gear have done an astounding job, and we cannot wait to check the mod out ourselves when it is inevitably released. The only question is – will it run on our PC’s?

That’s not all for Part Two of this New Year’s Update.

The devs also show off Depth of Field, and several other brand new screenshots.

We’d hate to steal the devs’ thunder by showing off these images, so head over to ModDB and check em out!

And don’t forget to keep an eye out on Part 3 of their update, which should be coming out soon, and which we’ll be covering as well.

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  1. Awesome, I wish I could add Custom particles for my map in HL2DM, sadly Valve forgot to add that feature(wich tf2 has) when they ported the game to Src 09.

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