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Beyond Black Mesa is Coming Out… Tomorrow?

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Beyond Black Mesa, the indie film inspired by Half-Life that blew our minds with two promising trailers (a teaser and a full trailer) is finally being released online tomorrow, on the 21st of January.

Beyond Black Mesa is Coming Out… Tomorrow?

While it’s only 12 minutes long, we’re sure it’s gonna be pretty awesome. Some have criticized it for taking liberties with the storyline and setting, but hey, it’s just a fanfilm. Let it pass.

So, yes. In a news post released on the 17th (don’t ask how we missed it, I don’t know either), the team behind Beyond Black Mesa revealed that the movie will be out, on YouTube, on the 21st. We’re pretty excited to see the final product.

The team have also stated that they may be releasing a special edition DVD of the film soon. For some more info on Beyond Black Mesa, check out this interview from Critical Gamer:

And for the news post itself, in all its glory:


  1. Do’h, I thought you said “Black Mesa Source” there for a second. That’s not supposed to be out til, 2015, right? 😉

    Early congrats to the Beyond team; I’m really looking forward to watching it!

  2. That was sudden!

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