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“Aperture: A Triumph of Science” – Fanfilm Released

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After over 3 months in the making, 11 promotional teasers, and, presumably, a whole lot of testing-related injuries and/or deaths, the world’s first Aperture Science documentary has been released.

“Aperture: A Triumph of Science” – Fanfilm Released

It’s not the first Portal fanfilm of its kind, far from it – Outside Aperture and Portal: No Escape (speaking of No Escape, you might want to check out its recently-released Making Of video, which shows just how professional its production values were) are just two of the more notable ones. But this one might just be the greatest one!

“Aperture: A Triumph of Science” explores the past, present and future of Aperture Science Laboratories. It’s got witty dialogue, it’s well written, and it’s incredibly authentic! There’s some odd acting here and there, and there’s some strange stuff (when is it ever implied Aperture actively used Personality Spheres as workers?), but overall, it’s very well done. Check it out!

But what’s this? The film crew will be doing a second video soon? Do want! Let’s hope it’s even better than this one.


  1. it was interessting but im kinda dissapointed that caroline was just a picture and no one played her. I mean cave wasnt that fat! so they could make a caroline too.
    Anyway, i missed some action or drama or whatever, but its a nice start. The filming area was good too, i wonder if they work for real there.

  2. Some fan boys have incredible ambition! Thank Avo for them!

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