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Valve The Animated Series

Multimedia & Film Valve

Ah, the greatest company in the world. Valve Software. With the most awesome CEO ever, and the most awesome PR man ever, Valve’s got it all.

Except for an animated series.

Now, Jeff is going to rectify that.

Valve The Animated Series

This trailer/intro for his upcoming “Valve: The Animated Series” looks pretty nice. I like the way the little Valve folks look, they’re oddly cute.

The only problem is that little L4D2 slideshow in the middle of this intro doesn’t fit with the rest of the video, but that’s something minor, and hopefully it won’t be in the series itself.

Oh yeah, and this needs more David Sawyer.

And Erik Wolpaw rap battles.

Otherwise, this looks really awesome, and we can’t wait for the first episode!


  1. This is gonna be awesome!

  2. Thanks guys. I love hearing positive/negative feedback on my work.
    So I will be sure to improve the intro a bit more. I will probably put more characters in the intro rather than the slide show.

    Thank you for your support and expect episode one in September.

  3. This could be interesting!

  4. Love it, just love it.

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