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All Things Lambda – The new LambdaGeneration Podcast!

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For a long time, we had this idea of making a little something like a podcast. Now, after months of throwing ideas around, it’s finally here! This is the first episode of “All Things Lambda”!

In the first episode, Ooiman, Jeff and Dhel talk about the SteamBoy handheld, the mysterious Team Fortress 2 Bread items, and Dota 2’s ‘The International’. But of course, we couldn’t forget about the biggest gaming event of June: E3! We share our opinions about the conferences and go over a list of games announced!

This episode turned out to be longer than anticipated, too! Future episodes will be about 40 minutes long.

We hope you enjoy out first try at producing a podcast, and please do leave us feedback!

Email [email protected] or send us a Tweet.

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  1. Daily Linux user talking here. I’m having a lot of hopes for SteamOS since it may finally bring few games to my system. The main idea of SteamOS is to provide few libraries and other tools for programmers that they can work with. Advantage is that those libs are free and can be easily modified to fix bugs instead of trying to get some workarounds against for example a buggy video driver (we’ve some example with mesa). Sadly now nobody really consider Linux as a gaming platform because nobody ever did.

    About the Steamboy; since steamOS is nearly free software, I’m not surprized to see a portable variant of the hardware. One big advantage I’m seeing now is about indie gaming. Most of those games are playable with a controller and already ported on Linux but no portable version of the game exists. Imagine playing Hotline Miami or Fez during a long train trip, isn’t this a good idea? For the moment, I’m surprized nobody mentioned about the battery life of this thing…

    For alienware, those guys just are prolly ready to release their product. But hearing the delay of SteamOS from Valve made them change to Windows. Anyway, I’m honestly not surprised to see Valve and delay in the same sentence and I prefer it this way. Release it right or right now, that’s the deal; and I prefer the first solution.

  2. Hey,
    I’d like to subscribe with my Android Phone to the podcast.
    Is there any dedicated RSS feed for the Episode?
    A download link would also be helpful for those folks who don’t want to grab the file from the source code 😛


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