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Friday, April 13th, 2012

Articles posted during Friday April 13th 2012

Black Mesa’s Soundtrack Might Just Be Very Close To Release, Believe It Or Not


Black Mesa (or Black Mesa Source, if you prefer) has been stuck in development hell for a really, really long while. But for a free Source mod that aims to recreate one of the greatest games ever made with modern technology and modern sensibilities – time is the only commodity they have. All we know is that the mod will finally be released exactly two weeks after its soundtrack is released. So, of course, we’re all very interested in finding out when and where we can find the soundtrack online, as composed by Joel Nielsen.

But it seems the Black Mesa soundtrack’s launch might almost be upon us. What makes us think so? Read on to find out…

Is Valve Working On Their Own Next-Generation Gaming Tech? [UPDATED]


[UPDATE: Credit to Leveraged and Air – turns out the great Michael Abrash, who was recently hired by Valve, has been spearheading the development of wearable computing tech… inside Valve itself. I don’t know about you, but if you ask me, that’s next-gen hardware right there. He wrote a full, official blog post about the whole thing, and way more, on his Valve blog – check it out.]

While those pesky rumors of Valve building their own hybrid PC-console Frankenstein thing have been at least somewhat dispelled, the possibility of Valve starting to release their own hardware still remains likely. Whether it’s a hat robot for your living room, or a game controller using bio-metric technology to tailor the game experience to your emotions and sensations – or, hell, maybe they might be doing a Steam Box after all. Valve certainly has the funding to pull it off.

What they might not have at this particular point in time are enough developers with which to pursue large-scale hardware development. But of course, anyone who gets an invitation for a job interview at Valve is going to accept it so quickly, they’ll manage to get hired, shortly before their head pops off due to joy. That’s just how it works.