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Monday, January 9th, 2012

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Bizarre In-Game CS: Global Offensive Whiteboard Surfaces: Indicates An August 2012 Release Date For CS:GO, And More Weird Half-Life And Number 3 References – Could Doctor Breen Still Be Alive?


Deep within the VPK caches inside the CS:GO beta’s files lies a cornucopia of currently unused files for CS:GO’s levels. Data-miners like Cnnoi, have managed to find files for CS_Office, and, supposedly, some have even managed to get CS_Office working within the beta. Some files are missing, but the majority of the textures and models are present. Including two very interesting texture files for in-game office whiteboards. What do they contain? Well, we won’t spoil the surprise just yet. Uh… unless you read the title, in which case we did. Just forget the title ever existed, and let’s get on with it.