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Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Articles posted during Sunday July 17th 2011

IGN Speculates: “Half-Life 3 Or Episode Three?”


At the moment, there’s two very important questions on the average Half-Life fan’s mind: “will I live to see the next Half-Life game”, and “will the next Half-Life game be Half-Life 3 or Episode Three”. Surprisingly, the latter question is by far the most important one, and no, it’s not because Half-Life fans are immortal or something.

Steam Gets New And Improved Download System


Steam’s download system has generally been… well, so-and-so. It gets the job done, but they’re not quite as good as they should be. No idea since when Valve’ s been using it, but I’d say it’s probably high time for an overhaul of some sort. Steam has been growing a lot in recent times, and more people means higher demand and strain on their download system.

And it would seem Valve is finally doing something about it!