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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Articles posted during Tuesday June 28th 2011

Valve Developer Community Wiki Upgraded


If you’re a Source modder, odds are you’ve probably been to the Valve Developer Community more than once. The place is chock-full with great information, and while the SDK may not be as great as it used to be, the VDC is almost certainly just as excellent as it’s always been, thanks to its community of users and editors.

It’s just been given a makeover as part of a fairly significant site upgrade.

News Roundup #46


After a week filled to the brim with news, mostly of the TF2 variety, it’s time to take ’em all in and round them up.

We’ll be releasing this past Friday’s Roundup in a few days, hopefully before the coming Friday. We’ll be posting various news and content, most of which will be older stuff we never got to cover. So, if you’ve already seen some of the stuff we’ll be posting, please bear with us.

L4D: June 17th Update


Yes, it’s woefully late, but I’d imagine L4D hasn’t been on everyone’s mind lately. Unless they somehow decided to make L4D1 free-to-play as well. But that’d be just silly.

Wouldn’t it be?