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Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Articles posted during Tuesday December 28th 2010

The Snarkpit – Holiday Interviews (And YOU Are Wanted!)


Editorial note: Once again, thanks to David for helping with the feature image.

The Snarkpit is one of the oldest level design communities out there, and we mean in general. Not just for Half-Life or TFC.

It’s been active since late 1999, and it has gone through a lot. Some say the Half-Life community is dying, that it’s turning into a dry wasteland, an endless oblivion and all that poetic stuff. If so, then the Snarkpit is that giant monolithic obelisk that refuses to go down no matter what. 

If you’re a level designer for Source or GoldSource, then you have to check out the Snarkpit.

However, this article isn’t your average “hey guys lambdageneration here lol check out this site” kind of article.