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Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Articles posted during Monday August 23rd 2010

Nightmare House 2 Released!


You think with all of the horror mods, or worse, “horror-action” mods, you think people would finally realize They Hunger did it best 11 years ago. But no, the onslaught continues.

Well, for good or bad, Nightmare House 2, the sequel to the 2005 mappack “Nightmare House”, (which for the love of me, seems to have VANISHED from the Internet, along with its remake or something) has finally been released after 3 years in development.

I’d say “get ready for more reused Stalker screams, more charcles spammed all over the maps”, but then Ale- ahem, Mr. Malkin would terminate my employment. I’m already on probation, folks.

Overwatch Released


Only a year in development and tons of community support have allowed the Overwatch team to release the first public client. There has been a lot of private testing recently, and apparently the developers are comfortable with going public.

The mod boasts plenty of new features and is an interesting twist to the traditional Source mod algorithm. More information and trailer after the jump.