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Podcast 17 and PlanetPhillip Interviewing Mike Morasky This Saturday; And “Philly vs Billy”

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Mike Morasky is one of Valve’s sound designers and composers. He’s been at the company since 2005, if not earlier. He’s done work for Day of Defeat: Source, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Portal 2, and the Left 4 Dead series.

He’s been instrumental (No pun intended, that’s what the press release actually said. I wouldn’t lie about that, because it’s a pretty great pun. If I was to actually lie about it, I would pretend I came up with it. Great pun.) in developing Portal 2’s brand new dynamic music system, as well as its entire soundscape and soundtrack.

Podcast 17 and PlanetPhillip Interviewing Mike Morasky This Saturday; And “Philly vs Billy”

And Podcast 17, along with Phillip, from PlanetPhillip, will be interviewing him this coming Saturday. As usual, the interview is streamed live, over P17’s ShoutCAST server, and for anyone who misses the podcast, an MP3 will be released the next day. Details on time zones and times and all that complex s**t can be found on the interview’s landing page.

During the interview, a series of community-asked questions will be presented. You can submit them here. From all questions submitted, one lucky winner will be chosen to win a very fancy gaming headset.

For more miscellaneous details on the interview, head over to P17’s interview page. For more on Podcast 17 in general, check out their official website and Steam Group.

Second is Philly vs Billy… or Billy vs Philly. No idea what that is. Maybe William from Podcast 17 has changed his name to Billy and is declaring war on… Philadelphia? Let’s.. uh… hope he’ll win. Oh, nevermind – it’s some sort of contest or battle royale, or something. William and Phillip, facing each other in a showdown that will be remembered forever. If you want to join any of these two teams, you can find contact details on the respective pages.

Who will win? Well… one of the two contestants, that’s for sure. How about… yeaaaah, no idea. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this competition, though!


  1. Whoops, I meant Mike’s popularity boosted with the release of Portal 2 :embarrased:

  2. Mike Morasky’s popularity sure did boost his popularity and notoriety.

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