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News Roundup! #1

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Wow! Would you look at that, it’s been one full week since our humble site first appeared on the map. Hooray! And in this short time, we already got our first new writer! Everyone welcome Pinky to the stage! In this short time he’s already written up quite a few articles, so great job, Pinky!

Since he’s the only other writer who cares about the news here, Pinky and I share a sort of rivalry, so I will now refer to him as “New Guy”. Grrr.

Enough celebration! Every week, I have to (painfully, I might add) write up a News Roundup! (I have to put capitals and the exclamation mark, or the copyright doesn’t hold up), summing up every single news article written in the past week. Ouch. Well, let’s start.

News Roundup! #1

Beyond Black Mesa’s Release Date Revealed

The one trailer that blew us all these previous months was, undoubtedly, Beyond Black Mesa’s trailer. BBM is a very ambitious fanfilm project, and its release date has just been announced. Check out this paragraph taken from their official site:

Beyond Black Mesa will officially be showing at the 12th Annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.

Set to take place September 24-26, 2010, the BBM crew is honored and excited to be able to finally watch their hard work come together and play out on the big screen in front of friends, family and fans.  The viewing time and venue for Beyond Black Mesa is yet to be announced, but we will be sure to keep you posted.

For more info, check the original article and the official site at:

Valve’s “More Mac ports AND More Steamworks Games” Plan

Wow. We never thought just how CRAZY and genius Valve is. Valve’s Jason Holtman tells about their plan to get more PC-to-Mac games and to get more third-party developers using Steamworks, Valve’s free software suite that includes Steam’s community support, dev tools, online play and copy protection, by giving away some of the Mac-specific game graphics code that according to them is the “real hard work” in PC-to-Mac ports, the catch being that they will only give this code to developers using Valve’s Steamworks software for their games.

This plan is just crazy enough to work, folks. Get ready to see a LOT more games on Steamworks, with Mac ports.

Original article, and the full article is at:

Fistful of Frags: Beta 3.0 Released

The new 3.0 beta of Fistful of Frags has just been released, and in it is a MASSIVE overhaul. A lot of stuff has been changed, and numerous things have been added.

For our article, and the full changelog, check out:

Left 4 Dead News: Mutation Week 15 and the Tank Statue

Since I’m too lazy to make a separate mini-article for the Tank Statue and Mutation Week 15 (which by the way, ends today as Week 16 starts, which we’ll be reporting on shortly), here is a nice big round of Left 4 Dead News!

This week we had Mutation Week 15, where the Xbox 360 Mutation was “Four Swordsmen of the Apocalypse”, and the PC Mutation was “Versus Survival”.

The poll was “What would you bring on that island?”, and we honestly can’t remember the choices. Sorry.

Next week’s mutation will be “Gib Fest’, which sounds pretty damn awesome.

And in other news, Gaming Heads’s Tank Statue was also announced. Going live with preorders in Q1 2011, the standard edition of the Tank Statue is limited to only 750 units worldwide, and has a price of $299.99. The Limited Edition is highly limited, with only 300 units worldwide. It features an extra to-scale Pump Shotgun, and costs $324.99.

For the full article, and a link to the blog post:

Inaki’s account

He needs it back. Enough said.

Full article at:

Finally, Some Episode Three Information: AI Nodes found in the Alien Swarm SDK


A quick look through the Alien Swarm SDK will reveal the presence of several interesting entries for AI node entities:

Ep3 Blob Shake Position
Ep3 Blob Fire Cover Position
Ep3 Blob Brain Cover Position
Ep3 Blob Brain Regenerate Position
Ep3 Blob Spit Position
Ep3 Blob Spawn Regenerator Position
Aperture: Nest

I can now die a happy man. Well, not yet. That day will only come when I play it.

Full article is at:

FireArms: Source Patches Released


Pinky, our new staff member has given FA:S the bigger article it deserves, my Roundup #0 mention being quite meager. Since then, several new patches have been released, so check out the official site and Pinky’s article:

Visage Teaser Released

The new trailer for the HL2 mod “Visage” has been released, and this creepy horror mod looks REALLY promising!

For the full article:


After a fierce battle with localization, Valve is going nuclear by allowing the community to help them in translating Steam for numerous languages, including Pirate Speak!

For Pinky’s awesome article:

PlanetPhillip’s July 2010 “Month in View”

Over at PlanetPhillip, our pal Phillip has launched his first, and very awesome “Month in View” slideshow, featuring the best screenshots from the month’s released maps and mods. Check it out!

Toxis Residuum

Made by two of my best friends, Toxis Residuum is an amazing cyberpunk sci-fi mod still in an early stage of development, but which has run into some problems. If you’re a texture artist, coder or a modeler/animator, and willing to help, check the original article at:

The Golden Charity

One of the greatest ideas ever conceived, The Golden Charity is a charity where you can donate any amount of money which will be sent directly to Child’s Play. The delicious result will be the destruction of 8 Golden Wrenches on August 31st. Donate quick to immortalize your spot in the Golden Charity Update Log!

Black Mesa Is Coming In 2010

My god, my Roundup mini-articles! They are MELTIIIIIIIIING!

Dom reports on Nathan Ayres, BM’s lead animator, pretty much confirming the mod will be out by the end of the year. For further info, scroll through my #0 Roundup, and maybe check his article.

Gorpie’s “Mod Fix” Thread

Finally, I’d like to highlight a little team effort some dedicated fans have been putting in when it comes to mods that have been broken since Valve’s May 26th update.

Gorpie, a known poster on SPUF, along with quite a few other people who helped test the mods, have been putting together a thread showing all the problems on Source Engine mods, and the fixes necessary to get the mods working again.

I’d also love to thank gorpie for helping me get Shantytown working! (Shantytown is a very underrated mod, which I will be covering soon)

Everyone give em a warm round of applause, cause without them, we wouldn’t have anything to play!

Their thread is here:

And that’s all for this week, folks. Next week’s Roundup will be coming on Friday, as usual. Peace.


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