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“We hate to make you wait. But…” – Valve

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“We hate to make you wait. But…” – Valve

In a recent interview published by Valve Software’s VP of Marketing Doug Lombardi stated:

“We hate to make you wait. But we have no announcements regarding Mr. Freeman or his ongoing adventures at this time”

This is unsettling news  to hear almost three years after the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Looking at this news from a positive perspective, Doug didn’t mention ‘Episode Three’; could this mean that the next Half-Life installment is going to be a larger adventure than previously planned?

Either way, it’s not like Valve’s secrecy is a surprise to anyone anymore…


  1. If you hate then show something. Just one screenshot.

  2. Oh my god, Oh my god, i feel like in 2003, with all the trailers and the wait..
    Hope than as that time it don’t come with the disapoint of see almost another game than the one in those old videos.
    But Valve is the best concerning game developers, they have made few games but with an outstanding quality.

    They know what they are doing.

    Hope that they bring me back my account before Portal 2 at least.

  3. Oh man, I laughed so much on the ‘Half-Life 2: Episode infinite’ picture in this article.

  4. i like how they arent mentioning anything by name! further eludes to the idea of Half Life 3 instead of Episode 3

  5. I wouldn’t exactly assume that it’s going to be bigger or longer than the others just because of the time between the last episode…
    Same principle for Television, doesn’t matter the gap between the last episode and the new one, they are both going to be roughly the same length..

    Valve have been busy porting games and creating sequels to new games and are/were probably too busy with all that to work on Ep3.. I can’t say for sure either noone can 😛

    I hope i’m wrong and i hope it’s the best damn HL game ever but realistically i don’t get my hopes up for many games anymore because i’m always let down :/


    • I’d probably expect it to be bigger and longer. Gabe did mention in an August 2008 interview that it is “coming along well, and may be the best episode of the three”.

      You can’t compare TV episodes to game episodes, especially when we’re talking about Valve’s game episodes 😐

      By the way, the forum’s opening up tomorrow. Hope to see you around!

  6. This comes as no surprise, really. I’d expect them to continue their “no talk” habit they’ve had since 2007. Well, we know it’s coming along pretty well, so…

    Rock on 2012?

    Also, Dom, I have no idea how the hell you beat me to this right as I had it completely finished, same scoop and all, but… wow.

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