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The Combine Interview – Fan Film

Multimedia & Film Half-Life

Wow. “The Combine Interview”, at the time it was made, was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. Very well written, awesome acting, excellent production values and cinematography, and with some great action near the end, it was simply amazing. Even with recent fanfilms such as “Escape from City 17” and “Beyond Black Mesa”, this is still very awesome, and the way it was written to reflect Tom Cruise’s leaked Scientology interview is pretty amazing. Video is after the jump.

The author, Tom Hall has recently uploaded an HD version of the original. The stunt mask used for stunts and scenes that included a second Metrocop is also up on Ebay, so look for it, if it’s still out there. For more info, just double click on the embed and go to the author’s channel.


  1. That was interesting!

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