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Kelly Bailey and Mike Dussault, two ex-Valve employees, release their first non-Valve project: Morfo

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Back in March we reported on the absence of Kelly Bailey from Valve’s website, of which the finer details of were uncovered by Podcast 17 in their Mike Morasky interview. As it turns out, Kelly Bailey and another ex-Valve employee Mike Dussault have been working for SunSpark Labs, a company founded by the two late last year, after their increased interest in the “mobile development space“. Their latest release, Morfo, is an iOS application that can turn a photo of a face into a “talking, dancing, crazy 3D character”.

Kelly Bailey and Mike Dussault, two ex-Valve employees, release their first non-Valve project: Morfo

One might be bewildered as to Bailey’s move into software development from audio and music design. However, over various interviews with Valve, it is understood that people who work at Valve are usually or usually become multi-talented during their time there — for example, a story writer who joins Valve might eventually become equipped with the skills necessary for level design or engine coding, such as Marc Laidlaw. Furthermore, the nature of the Morfo application is indicative of the approach Valve took with Half-Life 2 and how they developed the faces for the various characters in the game using facial capturing technology (both for textures and animation), so it is very likely that Bailey and Dussault transferred that knowledge over to the development of their application.

Many are still sad to have seen Bailey leave Valve (and as equally excited of Morasky’s future work) for he left a huge mark on Half-Life and Valve — as did Dussault in the SDK and modding community — and LambdaGeneration, on behalf of all Half-Life and Valve fans out there, would like wish the two the very best in the future with their new company. If you want to know more about their product, Geoff Keighley has written a review of it on his blog.

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