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Mysterious Aperture Science Countdown Found By Potato ARG Participants

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Is it Portal 2’s early Steam release?

Or is it something else entirely?

Mysterious Aperture Science Countdown Found By Potato ARG Participants

Following a number of intriguing discoveries, ARG participants have discovered this Aperture Science webpage.

It appears to be counting down to exactly 9 AM PST, April 15th, 2011, which matches with the translation of Gabe’s e-mail puzzle, which implied this time “equals” Portal 2’s release, which is on the 19th.

Remember that Gaijin Games, which are participating in the ARG as the creators of one of the Potato Sack games, hinted at a possible early Portal 2 release.

What could it be?

Don’t ask us!


  1. It’s more than a publicity stunt!

    This way we are helping support smaller developers. Very smart move on Valve’s part!

    If we make it we make it, if we don’t… we had fun! Simple as that! 🙂

    Anyone who says they are just doing it for the money, has no clue what he/she is talking about.

  2. i think they have to release earlier becouse of xbox version leak..


  4. Its just a publisity stunt to sell games, buy enough potato sack gams, and we will have portal 2 early.

    Its only the americas though, so this does not concern me

    good luck anyways

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