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So Platform is the most interesting HL2 multiplayer mod I’ve Seen in a while

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As much as mods like No More Room In Hell and Zombie Panic: Source have captivated fans across the Half Life spectrum, and as much as I have put my support behind Contagion, it’s nice to see a multiplayer mod that doesn’t involve killing zombies. Hell, even something that’s not a first person shooter! …not that I have any problem with first person shooters. It would be quite ironic if I did. But still, it’s nice to see something different. There are a slew of Half Live 2 mods that have turned the first person genre on its head. From experiments in story telling that we’ve seen in Dear Esther and the Stanley Parable. To projects that can rival some triple A experiences like Black Mesa or Underhell. But there don’t seem to be enough Half Life 2 mods that break the ‘perspective mold’ and give us a different way to ‘view’ games.

So Platform is the most interesting HL2 multiplayer mod I’ve Seen in a while

Okay, enough of the puns. But even taking some of Half Life 2’s most underappreciated mechanics and adding an isometric third person angle, for example, can dramatically change the overall experience. I can use one title as an example – “Half Life 2 Wars”. That’s why “zavist’s” recently released mod, Platform, caught my eye. Platform is a side-scrolling, multiplayer platformer built on Half Life 2 and offers a different take on your typical deathmatch gamemode. Turning the playing field into a predominantly vertical maze with your obstacles being other players trying to set you on fire or shred you with bullets certainly doesn’t totally fit with the norm, does it? You’re already mildly curious, aren’t you? While retaining the stock Half Life 2 assets, the author aspires to replace them with custom content if the mod garners enough interest. So, what are you waiting for? Get interested!

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  1. A very interesting mod indeed, reminds me of old flash games on Newgrounds, and let’s not forget Soldat.

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