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Toxis Residuum – HL2 Mod

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Toxis Residuum is a mod being developed by two good friends of mine. Both of em have put a LOT of work into it, but they’re running into some problems, mainly with recruitment, as they REALLY need a modeler/animator, a coder and maybe a texture artist. If you’ve got the skills, talk to em! Still, the mod may be put on a hiatus if they don’t find some personnel, but the mod definitely needs some publicity, so check it out after the jump!

Toxis Residuum – HL2 Mod

Based on cyberpunk, dystopian films of old, and the Half-Life 2 Leak, Toxis Residuum takes place in 2077, in a world that has become a devastated wasteland. The few remnants of humanity are a handful of crowded megacities all over the planet.

The main characters are a squad of marines known as the “Five Minuters”, named after their uncanny habit of screwing up the mission in no more than 5 minutes.

The squad is formed out of the classic no-nonsense type sergeant, the laidback sharpshooter, and the jumpy demolitions expert. The writing is pretty great as well.

While the mod is still in an early stage of development, it looks REALLY impressive, so keep a lookout for it as time passes.

Like I said, if you’re a coder, texture artist or a modeler/animator, give em a call as they need some help!

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