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The Golden Charity

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The Engineer’s Update. The last in Valve’s first series of class updates. It also attracted a lot of controversy, not for making Engineers radically rethink their game strategies, but due to one, simple, ultra-rare, “palette switch” item:

The Golden Charity

The Golden Wrench.

This purely cosmetic item that turns any enemies killed by it into golden statues, limited to only 100 owners that got it through crafting items at random times, has attracted a LOT of controversy: Drunken F00l, the creator of and the Idler program, and several of his friends were VAC banned for making a script to craft items constantly, a user who got it was in fact a known hacker, troll and griefer, and one lucky recipient had his Steam account hacked and the hacker deleted his Golden Wrench (since Valve gave it back to him, he will also be participating in this event, as one of the special 8 owners which I will be talking about in a bit). Not to mention there have been many users who destroyed their Golden Wrenches on purpose. But not since the last Golden Wrench dropped, has anything similar to this taken place.

The Golden Charity is a revolutionary charity event, the likes of which has never been seen, not just in the Valve community, but in the gaming community as a whole.

To put it in a nutshell, you can donate any amount of money you wish to the Golden Charity, where the entire sum of donations will be sent directly to Child’s Play, a charity known for sending movies, toys, games and game consoles to children’s hospitals. The first 500 donators who give more than $10 will be immortalized in the Golden Charity Update Log (unless any other Golden Wrench owners come forward, in which case it will be increased to 100) Anyone who donates will be invited to an invite-only Steam Community group, where they too will be immortalized forever.

The event ends on August 23rd, and so far there are 853 contributors, with the total coming at a stunning $13,294!

20 of the most generous contributors will be invited to a special gaming server, where they will watch, in the same server… and here comes the catch: the destruction of 8 Golden Wrenches! This event will take place on August 31st.

This is pretty amazing, and as soon as I come back from my vacation, I too will donate to this awesome event. Kudos to the creator, “Jon “WiNGSPANTT” Tran”, the other 7 Golden Wrench owners, and anyone who donated!

For more info, and to donate, go to:


  1. Very awesome cause here, folks.

  2. Wow, this is awesome 🙂

  3. Wow! All that money just to delete a fake wrench, it’s great that they are doing it for charity though.

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